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Kionna Bostick


It all started when…

Kionna decided to go natural in 2011. As a college student with relaxed and colored treated hair that was flat ironed daily, she struggled to properly care for her hair and it became extremely damaged. Desiring healthier and longer hair, Kionna did research and made the decision to no longer get relaxers or use heat. Still unsure of all the possibilities of natural hair she began to wear wash and go styles until the relaxer and color treatment grew out. Kionna used several products to keep her hair as healthy as possible and moisturized. In 2013, Kionna enlisted into the U.S. Army. Still with the desire to stay on her healthy hair journey she quickly learned that the military was not natural hair friendly. After trying to be convinced to return to relaxers to make her military life easier, Kionna refused and was determined to continue on her journey. In 2015, Kionna got stationed in South Korea and only had access to commercial products that contained questionable ingredients. At that point Kionna decided to make her own hair oil, which is now known as the Botanical Hair & Scalp Oil. Her fellow battle buddies inquired on how she kept her hair healthy and moisturized especially in the colder months and became interested in her hair oil. She returned to the United States in 2016, but quickly found herself back in South Korea in 2017. This time around Kionna knew what challenges she would face that could possibly affect her healthy hair journey. After a day of exploring Kionna stumbled upon a African beauty supply store and found herself in heaven. She noticed the store had natural oils and butters, and even rose water, so she stocked up. In a small room in Camp Humphreys, South Korea, Kionna formulated her Hair & Body Butter, along with her Rose Hydrating Curl Mist. After perfecting the ingredients she gave it to her family and friends to try out, they immediately loved it. As the desire for natural based products grew, Kionna made the decision to start an official business in November of 2017.

Kionna has big plans for her brand and will continue to formulate products based on the needs and concerns of all customers. She invites you to join her on a journey to healthy hair using products that have high-quality and safe ingredients.